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Profit Fortune International Limited

Founded in 2019 and based in Hong Kong. We distributed a wide range of high-quality medical products to both domestic and international markets with reliable service and competitive price. In 2020, we set up medical mask production lines in Hong Kong due to the huge demand of protective masks. Besides our own brand YoMask, we also have some HK and Chinese OEM brands which cover different sizes of medical mask. The total monthly production can reach 5 million pieces and it can fulfil the orders of large quantity.

The clean room of our Hong Kong factory was set up according to ISO 14644-1 Class 8. With three production lines, around 5,000,000 pcs of mask are expected to be produced per month. The factory is strictly monitored by Hong Kong people in order to guarantee that every piece of mask is produced and packed in a hygienic environment. The test of our masks is already comply with ASTM F2100 Level 3 and EN 14683:2019 Type II R standard.

⇓Clean Room report
⇓ISO Class8 report

Quality certification

Our masks and raw materials have passed a series of tests and certifications.
The specifications have met the high standards of US’s ASTM level 3 and Europe’s EN14683:2019 Type II R.

Our customers

We are honored to have the support from such many company, hotels, media, local schools and youth organizations. Defending your health is our mission.

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Facebook+852 2638 8692